This blog is a project I’m working on for a Queer Studies class at Oregon State University. I want to introduce some of the topics and theories we learned about in class to people outside of that sphere. My goal is to use what I’ve learned to open a conversation about issues facing our society and promote activists doing social justice work.

I’m going to be writing about binaries…the artificial, socially constructed ideas that one concept is the opposite of another, and there is nothing in between. Think Good/Evil, Strong/Weak, or even Republican/Democrat. We often think of these things as complete opposites, but reality is much more complicated. I hope to relate this concept directly to queer studies, and examine how our ideas of gender, race, sexuality, and ability are malfunctioning social constructions.

Each entry will be about the basics of a subject, with resources and information to learn more. While I hope to reach people with my words, there are many people who more and have more experience than I do, so I’d like to share their voices. I’ll be writing once a day for about a week. Stay tuned if you’re interested, and contact me with questions, suggestions, or resources for me to check out!

Author: Bullshit Binaries

Talking & writing about the social binaries we've constructed and their consequences.

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